The McCarthys
The Way Life Is

McCarthys The Way Life Is coverCornmeal Records is proud to announce the release of "The Way Life Is", the new CD release from one of Maine's favorite alt-country/rock bands, The McCarthys. Titled as a slight twist on the Maine state slogan ("The Way Life Should Be"), this eleven song album is the first release by the band since 2005's "...And Then Some" and their first on Cornmeal Records. The CD will be available on November 22nd 2011 exclusively at Bull Moose stores in Maine and NH and will be available on-line from The CD release party will take place November 18 at The Bayside Bowl in Portland Maine where they will co-headline with The Lomax, who will also be releasing their new CD that day. "The Way Life Is" features all new songs written by the band and it was recorded over the course of 2010-11 at The Halo in Windham Maine by acclaimed producer Jonathan Wyman and mastered at famed Gateway Mastering by Adam Ayan.

The McCarthys were formed in 1995 from the ashes of Streamliner, a popular regional country band that played extensively throughout New England in the late 80's and early 90's. All five members also have lengthy local resumes on the Maine music scene, dating back to the early 80's. Their debut CD was released in 2000 and they have been a staple on the local scene ever since.

Commenting on the title song and the Maine-centric theme that runs through the album, guitarist Tim Emery recounted the genesis of the basic idea, "We were sitting around at Gritty's between sets, talking about doing another album, and trying to come up with some themes rather than just a collection of songs. I had a thought about writing about Maine, how 'the way life should be' is the way people from away imagine we live, eating lobster every night, and in reality, it's more like hamburger helper. A couple of weeks later John gives me a demo CD at rehearsal and says 'here's the song', and they just started flowing from there. More than half of the songs are very Maine-centric, with the other themes being more universal, but still at home on this disc."

Principle songwriter and drummer John Davison reinforced Tim's recollection. "The title was Tim's idea, both as the album concept and a song title. I think most people grow up with an idea of where they'll be in 25-30 years but end up somewhere else entirely and that's what the song is about. So yeah, you're not the bank president, but you've got a family and the Red Sox and would you really want to be in a suit every day?  Musically the song came out great, the ukulele speaks to the bittersweet tone of the lyrics, the trumpet comes in for a Burt Bacharach break, and we all end up at the local bar for a bit of a sing along. 'The Way Life Should Be' – what does that mean? 'Should Be' according to who? The way life should be is the way life is." 

Multi-instumentalist Dale Holden, bassist Jim McGirr and newest member Scott Shuster (keyboards) round out the lineup. For more info on the band, please visit


01) Love Is
02) Feed The Hand
03) Ghost Train
04) Built For Comfort
05) I Just Pour 'em Down
06) Foolish Heart
07) Blue Confessions
08) Take A Ride With The Devil
09) Cedar And Stone
10) Gonna Die Twice
11) The Way Life Is

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